Introducing Faxon's Gen 2 9mm PCC Blowback Full-Mass AR-15 Bolt Carrier Group Posted on 29 Aug 07:25 , 0 comments

Faxon Gen 2 9mm Bolt Carrier Group

We are proud to be the first to introduce Faxon Firearms' second generation purpose-built 9mm AR-15 bolt carrier group. Faxon's Generation 2 PCC blow-back carriers keep the features of their well-loved first BCG with modern improvements. Faxon maintained the dual COLT/GLOCK compatible geometry, user-removable weight and full-auto compatibility while adding new and welcome features including a "ramped" bottom so any common trigger can be used - ideal for competitive shooters and plinkers alike. 

The extractor has been upgraded from an internal "1911" style claw to an AR-15 pivoted and sprung option. For ease of disassembly, a standard firing pin cotter pin is used, and to ensure long-life, the carrier key is separate from the charging surface ensuring that the carrier stands up to any vigorous action - no sheared keys! A stronger firing pin rounds out the new changes. 

We currently have these bolt carrier groups in stock and ready to ship! Purchase yours here!

Carrier & Integrated Key Specifications:

  • Compatibility: GLOCK & COLT - Style Lower Receivers
  • Carrier: MIL-SPEC 8620 Steel Material
  • Fully Heat Treated
  • External M-16 Style Extractor
  • M16 (FULL-AUTO) Compatible
  • QPQ - Salt Bath Nitrided
  • Dust Cover Compatible
  • Weight: 14.9 Ounces
  • Removable Carrier Weight - Compatible with JP Enterprises and similar buffer systems.

*GLOCK, COLT, and JP Enterprises names are property of the respective companies. 


Introducing the All New ATLAS "Aero Taper Lock Attachment System" Line of Free-Float Handguards from Aero Precision Posted on 11 Aug 16:41 , 0 comments

Aero Precision ATLAS Free-Float Handguards Introduction

ATLAS stands for Aero Taper Lock Attachment System. This is a patent pending design that requires no timing and locks up better than any other handguard on the market. They are ultra-light and feature indexing notches on the top rail for improved operator grip. These look incredible when paired with Aero Precision's new Gen 2 Upper Receivers. Very much like the M4E1 Uppers with Gen 2 Handguards, there is a monolithic top rail so you’ll have more options when mounting your optics.

As of this release the ATLAS S-One handguards will be available in Black and FDE 15” Handguards in KeyMod and MLOK, and Black and FDE 12” Handguards in MLOK…12” KeyMod handguards are coming early next week, as are the 7” and 9” variations which will both be available in KeyMod and MLOK.

The ATLAS handguards include Aero Precision's new proprietary barrel nut and will work on any mil-spec upper receiver. 


  • 1 piece free float design
  • ATLAS Aero Taper Lock Attachment System
  • Scalloped rails
  • Finger Grooved Top & Bottom Rail
  • Ultra Slim 1.3" Inside Diameter
  • Compatible with Low Profile Gas Blocks
  • Quick Disconnect Sling Socket at the 3 and 9 o’clock positions
  • Precision Machined from Aerospace Grade 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Type III Class II Hard Coat Anodized Black

Introducing the GZP Field & Range Cover by Texas Tactical Hats Posted on 28 Jul 06:59 , 0 comments

Ground Zero Precision Field & Range Cover by Texas Tactical HatsWhy did it take us so long to release a cap? We've been wanting to offer our customers a great looking well made hat for years but if we were going to put our logo on it we had a few demands that we would not waiver from which made the hunt for a supplier a little tougher than just popping onto the internet and ordering hats. Our number one demand was that it could not be made in some third world sweatshop country; it had to be made in America with our preference being in our beloved Texas. Second, it had to be comfortable; it had to have a well functioning non-allergenic sweat band, had to be easily adjustable and could not have one of those damn useless head bruising top buttons. Third, it had to be manufactured by a company that supports the firearms industry as well as the shooting community as a whole. We found the cap that meets all of our demands and then some at Texas Tactical Hats.

The great guys at Texas Tactical Hats still believe that Made in America means something. To them, it means producing exceptional quality products and good paying jobs for Americans. Like us, the guys at Texas Tactical Hats are extremely proud of our great state, and as a result they try to produce their products right here in Texas and those that they can't they source them from American manufacturers and suppliers.

Texas Tactical was founded and is operated as a way of giving back to the shooting and tactical communities. They accomplish this by not only by making a unique product for those that are proud to call themselves Americans, but also by supporting charities and organizations that benefit our military, law enforcement and first responders. This is their way of saying thank you to the men and women who put it all on the line for us every day, no matter where they are from or where they call home.

The entire staff of Texas Tactical Hats is driven to provide quality goods and services and it is evident in everything they do. At Texas Tactical Hats the customer is the most important part of the product so if you are not happy, then neither are they. Just as we Texans are world famous for never giving up, Texas Tactical Hats will address any complaint or suggestion you may have with their products and they will not quit until they make it right with you.

Get yours HERE!


AERO Precision Announces M4E1 American Flag Cerakote Limited Edition Builder Set Posted on 04 Mar 23:18 , 0 comments

Aero Precision American Flag AR 15 Builder Set Limited Run

If you’ve been wondering what AERO’s March 2017 Limited Edition Builder Set would look like, wonder no more. AERO’s March Builder Set is now available and they definitely hit a home run with this one. This month they are doing a Limited Run of M4E1 Upper Receiver, Gen2 Stripped Lower Receiver, 15″ Enhanced Gen2 Handguard (KeyMod or MLOK) and a Billet Trigger Guard all finished in a beautiful American Flag Grey to Silver Cerakote. Their timing couldn't be more perfect for you to build a beautiful custom American tribute rifle to show off on the upcoming July 4th holiday and every other day. These builder sets look fantastic with a set of black AR furniture but you're free to use your own imagination to build something uniquly yours. If you’re looking for a quick start to your next custom build, check these out!

Aero Precision American Flag AR 15

Ground Zero Precision & Stiller's Precision Pen Exclusive Distribution Agreement Posted on 19 Feb 21:21 , 0 comments

Stiller's Precision Predator XT AR15 Lower receiver

Ground Zero Precision is proud to announce their exclusive distribution agreement with Stiller's Precision to bring the sniper inspired Predator XT billet AR-15 Lower Receiver to market. 

Give your next precision AR-15 project a state of the art foundation with the Predator XT Billet AR lower by Stiller's Precision. Jerry Stiller, world renowned designer and manufacturer of the U.S. Navy's legendary MK13 300WM sniper rifle action, researched far and wide to determine what exactly the perfect precision AR lower receiver should be and the Predator XT is the result. He very quickly determined that the only way he could offer all of the features he wanted while completely eliminating torsional stress would be to start with a billet blank. After a painstaking and extensive material study it was determined that the best combination of stiffness, strength and toughness necessary for the foundation of a hyper-accurate AR rifle was offered by a relatively unknown high performance aircraft alloy that is used predominately in the construction of the F-16 and other U.S. military fighter jet structures. The alloy, 7050-T7651, is almost twice as strong as 6061-T6 and has better crack resistance than 7075-T6 while offering a higher level of corrosion resistance and lighter relative weight than both. As with everything else Jerry has produced this alloy was the absolute best material for the job, so that is what he used. 

As for the design, it all started with the standard forged Mil-Spec lower receiver drawing and quickly morphed into something completely different as features were added and deemed necessary. In order to add the torsional stiffness necessary in a precision rifle foundation, the magwell area was ribbed in a truss pattern along with an expanded width trigger guard. The magwell was designed and chamfered to allow for a wider flare for easy magazine insertion and sized to allow all currently marketed magazines to drop free without snagging or catching in the magwell. Rather then machine or broach the magwell, wire EDM technology was used to more exactly control the size and exact position for flawless feeding. A textured finger grip area was added to the front to help control the weapon when holding with the offhand on the magwell. To help keep a wide range of upper receivers tight, all of the pin locations and mating surfaces are under constant and close control during the machining process and a nylon tipped tension adjustment screw was added under the rear pin location to allow the shooter a wider range of upper receiver choices and the ability to keep the lower and upper fit tight with one simple adjustment. All of the edges and inner corners have been chamfered or rounded for ergonomics and additional strength. The stock boss (buffer tube area) on the back was also beefed up to add strength and a small setscrew was added for the rear pin spring to help keep stock installation or replacement a snap. After all that, a Mil-Spec type III 2 mil thick hard anodize is performed by one of the defense industries' top suppliers for excellent surface wear, additional corrosion resistance and ravishing good looks.

The Predator XT lower receiver is made available through an exclusive agreement between Stiller's Precision and Ground Zero Precision.

Features Summary:

  • Precision machined from 7050-T7651 aluminum super alloy for the absolute highest stiffness, strength and toughness
  • X-Rib magwell stiffeners and extended width machined in trigger guard add overall strength and stiffness.
  • Flared magwell that is wire EDM cut for exact size and alignment for easy drop free use of all currently marketed magazines.
  • Machined finger grip pad on front of the lower allows for easy control of weapon during use
  • Extra beefy stock boss adds strength, stiffness and greatly reduces the chance of breakage when used with even the most powerful cartridges.
  • A setscrew is added to help retain rear pin spring and ease the installation or replacement of stocks. 
  • Nylon tipped tension adjustment screw allows the shooter to adjust the lower to upper receiver fit.
  • Type III hard anodized to 2 mil deep for excellent wear and looks
  • Marked for multi-caliber use and specified as other to ATF so that it can be used for pistol or rifle

Stiller's Precision MK13 300WM Sniper Rifle:

Stiller's Precision MK13

About Stiller's Precision:

Stiller's Precision Firearms was founded in 1998 by Jerry Stiller, a defense engineer working for Raytheon. His goal was to supply shooters with a best quality product for a reasonable price. Curtis Helton, a Raytheon machinist soon joined the company and we became successful benchrest suppliers and mediocre shooters. In 2005 we added our hunting line of actions, the Predator series. Soon after the TAC series for the tactical market followed. We still follow our original goal and feel it has served us well. Currently we build actions for all different parts of the industry including the MK13 for the US Military. Many of the custom rifle builder's receivers you see are made right here by us.

Stiller's Precision Firearms is able to keep the quality up and costs down by a unique blend of processes used to manufacture our receivers. We have over 20 late model CNC machines dedicated to building receivers and their parts. We buy the best to build the best. Most of our machines are dedicated to one operation. By doing this, the quality and consistency goes up and labor cost goes down by never having to tear down setups. As soon as anything looks or sounds different it is quickly apparent to the machinist and the problem is solved. Our volume allows this to happen and work for you, our customers, we deliver the best quality and value possible.

We use the best materials, tooling and processes to ensure our actions are second to none in quality or value. All of the steel used in action bodies is 416R barrel quality stainless and the one piece bolts are made from VAR aircraft certified 4140 alloy steel. Small parts are built out of materials best suited for their purpose and includes many tool steels and exotic high strength aluminum alloys.

Review of our 10.5" Stainless Upper Receiver Kit by IWantThatReviews Posted on 06 Feb 11:53 , 0 comments

Purchase this kit here!

Sneak Peek – Next Level Arms “NLX15” AR-15 Billet Receiver Set Posted on 28 Dec 20:16 , 0 comments

Next Level Arms NLX15 Billet Receiver Set

Next Level Arms, a company we are proud to say we've been partnered with since their beginning, is getting ready to release a really nice looking light weight AR-15 billet receiver set. The NLX15 billet receiver set will weigh just 15 ounces! That’s just under a pound for both upper and lower combined. Read More...


Get on the pre-order list here!



Three Awesome AR Uppers - American Rifleman Posted on 28 Oct 19:05 , 0 comments

Three Awesome AR Uppers - American Rifleman

We are honored to have one of our 300 Blackout upper receivers featured in the NRA American Rifleman's 'Three Awesome AR Uppers' review!

The AR-15's split personality allows a single lower assembly that has a standard size lower receiver to be connected to different uppers chambered in a variety of calibers. Here’s a closer look at how to make the most of a single lower and three quality uppers that span the small, medium and big-bore cartridge options for the AR platform...

Read More: Three Awesome AR Uppers

View our complete AR-15 Upper Receiver Collection

JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) Posted on 18 Oct 02:28 , 0 comments

JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS)


We've been running JP Captured Spring buffer systems in our suppressed rifles for years now; proudly showing off our substantially lessened cyclical operation noise while running magazine after magazine of 220 grain "Bacon Bulldozers" silently down range; perfectly timed with the perfect velocity to send even the biggest boar immediately through the gates of Paradise and into the awaiting arms, er, whatever is left, of those new arrivals seeking their much promised virgins.

There have been many times after a long day of shooting that we've sat around the fire talking about our JP inserts and without knocking them at all wondered how they could be made even better. Well, It seems that last question was better left up to the engineers at JP because their newely released Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) is going to open a whole brand spankin new can of variability worms for us all to play with.

Read more about JP's Newly Released Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS)!

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home - American Rifleman Magazine featuring Ground Zero Precision Posted on 12 Oct 12:46 , 0 comments

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home by American Rifleman Magazine


When B. Gil Horman, field editor at American Rifleman Magazine contacted us at the beginning of the year asking if we wouldn't mind being included in an informational article he was writing on building AR-15 pistols at home we thought it was a great idea and that our already well established product line of assembly ready build-it-yourself kits would be a great fit for his project.

We are very happy to have been included in the project. Gil did a great job with his build and wrote a well researched article you're sure to fine informative and entertaining. You can read the full article here:

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home