Review of our 10.5" Stainless Upper Receiver Kit by IWantThatReviews Posted on 06 Feb 11:53 , 0 comments

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Sneak Peek – Next Level Arms “NLX15” AR-15 Billet Receiver Set Posted on 28 Dec 20:16 , 0 comments

Next Level Arms NLX15 Billet Receiver Set

Next Level Arms, a company we are proud to say we've been partnered with since their beginning, is getting ready to release a really nice looking light weight AR-15 billet receiver set. The NLX15 billet receiver set will weigh just 15 ounces! That’s just under a pound for both upper and lower combined. Read More...


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Three Awesome AR Uppers - American Rifleman Posted on 28 Oct 19:05 , 0 comments

Three Awesome AR Uppers - American Rifleman

We are honored to have one of our 300 Blackout upper receivers featured in the NRA American Rifleman's 'Three Awesome AR Uppers' review!

The AR-15's split personality allows a single lower assembly that has a standard size lower receiver to be connected to different uppers chambered in a variety of calibers. Here’s a closer look at how to make the most of a single lower and three quality uppers that span the small, medium and big-bore cartridge options for the AR platform...

Read More: Three Awesome AR Uppers

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JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) Posted on 18 Oct 02:28 , 0 comments

JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS)


We've been running JP Captured Spring buffer systems in our suppressed rifles for years now; proudly showing off our substantially lessened cyclical operation noise while running magazine after magazine of 220 grain "Bacon Bulldozers" silently down range; perfectly timed with the perfect velocity to send even the biggest boar immediately through the gates of Paradise and into the awaiting arms, er, whatever is left, of those new arrivals seeking their much promised virgins.

There have been many times after a long day of shooting that we've sat around the fire talking about our JP inserts and without knocking them at all wondered how they could be made even better. Well, It seems that last question was better left up to the engineers at JP because their newely released Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) is going to open a whole brand spankin new can of variability worms for us all to play with.

Read more about JP's Newly Released Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS)!

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home - American Rifleman Magazine featuring Ground Zero Precision Posted on 12 Oct 12:46 , 0 comments

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home by American Rifleman Magazine


When B. Gil Horman, field editor at American Rifleman Magazine contacted us at the beginning of the year asking if we wouldn't mind being included in an informational article he was writing on building AR-15 pistols at home we thought it was a great idea and that our already well established product line of assembly ready build-it-yourself kits would be a great fit for his project.

We are very happy to have been included in the project. Gil did a great job with his build and wrote a well researched article you're sure to fine informative and entertaining. You can read the full article here:

Building AR-15 Pistols At Home

O. F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. v. Timney Triggers, LLC. - What You Need To Know Posted on 24 May 02:21 , 0 comments

Mossberg Drop-In Trigger Lawsuit - Why Timney Matters

 LAST UPDATED 5/24/2016

Unless you've been under a rock the last few days you've likely read or heard [Breaking] news about Mossberg's announced filing of a lawsuit against drop-in AR15 trigger manufacturers Patriot Ordnance Factory, BlackDawn, DOA Arms, Tactical Fire Control, Battle Tested Equipment, T Vehr Manufacturing, Rise Armament, Elftmann Gun Products and possibly others to be named at a later date. 

Most reports of the lawsuit posted to date claim that Mossberg is simply exercising its right ownership and control over U.S. Patent No. 7,293,385 B2, filed January 9, 2007 and awarded November 13, 2007 to Michael L. McCormick of CMC Triggers while others report that CMC Triggers is somehow manipulating Mossberg into being their own legal attack puppet in an effort to stifle competition. None of the reports thus far contain much information at all other than the announcement and some speculation (typically stated as fact) over the details of the cases and what effect they may have on the companies named as Plaintiffs. As is typical with just about every "Breaking News" report ever posted, no matter the subject, the rush to be the first and to get the most clicks has fueled a wide variety of reactions across the firearms community with no one seeming to have a clear picture of what is actually going on.

What is clear is that Mossberg, having legally obtained the Patent from CMC Triggers Corp., owns the rights to the intellectual property represented in the patent. 

What has not been made clear, at least in the reports we've reviewed so far is what that ownership means in application as pertains to the innovative actions, designs, product development, processes and methods of the named lawsuit Plaintiffs. Some of you may see it all as clear as a bell and be wondering where I'm missing it. I'm not missing it. I see it as clear as a bell also. Traditionally we would all likely agree that when A person or company in America owns something they have right to it period and I'm sure that's how Mossberg would like for all of us to see it... but... and unfortunately for Mossberg, the fact is since February 7th 2012 Mossberg has been entangled in a brutal legal battle in Connecticut District Court Case Number 3:2012-cv-00198 with Timney Triggers, LLC in which Mossberg accuses Timney of Patent Infringement. The case against Timney was supposed to be the precedent setter. It was supposed to be the battle ax Mossberg could wield to slay all who dared infringement while swilling Supernaut IPA from New England Brewing Co.

Mossberg tried to play it right. Go after the biggest fish first and then use the experience (and precedence) to destroy all who may cross them.

That may have been the plan at first but it was quickly obvious that Timney was raring for a fight and funded well enough duke it out in court for the last 4 years and continuing to this day. A fight Mossberg may have expected. Losing the fight after 4 years is something they couldn't have expected or one would hope they would have been smart enough not to go down that road in the first place. 

But go down that road they did and losing the fight with Timney is currently what they're doing and such a loss could be devastating to their world domination plans.

The Mossberg v. Timney lawsuit, as it progresses through the courts, has not been ignored by those with some skin in the game and Steve Watts of Elftmann Tactical (Elftmann Gun Products) laid it out to me in this way 


Good Afternoon Mr. Bennett,

We've known for a long time that this might be coming, we went to Mossberg as soon as we found out they claim a patent. If they had been reasonable in the royalty amount we would have just started paying it even though the patent is very questionable. The amount they want is ridiculous, so we decided to wait and see what happens with the Timney case. Read the latest ruling in the Mossberg v. Timney case in full here. (PTO is the Patent and Trade Office)

Quote from page 2 "Lastly, on May 21 the PTO issued a first Office Action on the merits rejecting every claim of the patent-in-suit as unpatentable. The PTO determined that based on teachings in the prior art one of ordinary skill in the art at the time of the invention would have found the ‘385 patent claims obvious. The PTO rejected every claim over multiple combinations of prior art references cited by Timney in its reexamination Request."

And the Conclusion on page 9 "In sum, the PTO determined that the correct priority date of the ‘385 patent is March 22, 2004 (not 2002), all ten Grounds raised by Timney presented substantial new questions about the patentability of the ‘385 patent claims, and every claim of the patent is unpatentable based on multiple prior art combinations. Thus, every claim of the patent in suit is now under reexamination at the PTO. This case should remain stayed pending final resolution of the reexamination proceedings"

Based on that we made the decision to wait and see what happens, I guess we'll be seeing them in court now. It's interesting to see how overwhelming the support has been for the companies being sued.

Steve Watts
Elftmann Tactical

Sooo... The question begs if the District Court of Connecticut is, as it appears throughout the latest ruling in the Timney case, questioning the patentability of all 385 patent claims granted in the original McCormick claim, What exactly, if anything, did Mossberg gain in their purchase of the Patent from CMC? If a gavel bangs in determination that the original Patent is and was at the time of the grant unpatentable all Mossberg gained was worthless paper and a whole lot of legal bills.

why would Mossberg be pushing these recent lawsuits in the face of what can only reasonably be summed up as a pending total loss in the Timney case? 

The answer is simple. Until the gavel bangs Mossberg still holds the ax and if they can use it to weed out some of their competition via a mere threat of litigation (and the incurred expenses thereof). 

Navigating Patents to avoid infringement is not a hard thing to do. Sign the contract, pay the royalties and get your machines turning. 

Buying worthless, un-enforcable, un-patentable intellectual property through the aquisition of a Patent the courts are determining questionable at best, completely worthless at worst... Not quite so easy. Reporting the error and subsequent failure in court after an over 4 year battle to a group of your investors can be devastating.

I hope you all take the time to read, study and understand the linked pdf's of all of the pertinant documents we've collected to date. They should help you understand that the quickly announced lawsuits everyone is talking about right now are very likely nothing more than a barking chained dog.

***This blog post will be updated as more (factual) information pertaining to the TImney suit and the multi-party suit announced over the weekend are found and / or become available to us.***

In the meantime we're selling the Hell out of some badass drop-in triggers and we plan to keep that going well into the long run.


Y'all be good to each other,

Philip B.

Ground Zero Precision





INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST CALIBER LINE - 7.62x39 AR15 BUILD KITS! Posted on 10 Nov 11:34 , 0 comments

7.62x39 AR15 Kit Announcement

It's been lamented in forums and blogs all over the internet. Building your own 7.62X39 AR15 can be a real headache when sourcing parts using what has until now been the 'traditional' method of 'wherever you can find them' but it's a snap when you have all of the right hand selected and tested parts. It's even easier when someone has already done the legwork to source all of the components, made sure they are of the highest quality and fit and then put them all into a nice little package for you and it's a complete no-brainer when they do all of that and then offer it to you at a price you cannot beat if you tried putting it all together yourself AND THEN offering to ship it all to you FOR FREE!

Well that's exactly what we have done and you're going to like it! 

It took a full year of testing hundreds of components, in hundreds of configurations, with hundreds of "back to the drawing-board" moments but all of the hard work was worth it. Building a reliable 7.62x39 caliber rifle using the AR15 platform has been a challenge for even the most experienced AR builder for years so our goals starting out were simple:

  • Source and provide high quality, well functioning, highly tested components for a 7.62x39 kit that is easily assembled by even the newest AR builder.
  • Provide the build kits at a reasonable, affordable price point.

That's it. Sounds simple enough but our "No-Go" parts table tells a different story. We tested every product we could find with varying levels of frustration. We knew it could be done and we were determined to meet the simple goals we'd set out for ourselves. Today, we're proud to announce the fruits of our efforts. Get yours today!

You can view the full line of 7.62 x 39 AR-15 kits by following the links below:

AR-15 7.62X39 KITS (Rifle)

AR-15 7.62X39 KITS (Pistol) - COMING SOON!!!



Elftmann Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety Product Announcement

Ground Zero Precision is proud to be the first announce the latest AR innovation from Elftmann Tactical; the Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety!

Some History: Elftmann Tactical has been an innovator in the firearms accessories market for quite a while now. Their first product to market was their AR-15 Dual Trigger (D-TR), a first-of-its-kind accessory for the AR-15 (or any firearm, for that matter). When Mr. Elftmann added needle bearings and a drop-in housing it was a natural progression to develop conventional single triggers with needle bearings and the ELF drop-in trigger was born.

Many unique features set Elftmann firearm accessories apart from all others including ultra-precise machining, needle bearings, adjust-ability, drop safety, full 1/4” width dis-connector, ease of installation and modular design. Elftmann Tactical has quickly become respected as a leader in innovative solutions for the competition shooting, firearm enthusiast, military, and law enforcement markets.

Take your speed of engagement to a new level!

This push button ambidextrous speed safety is the latest innovation from Elftmann Tactical. Quickly take your AR from safety to ready to fire and back to safety with the simple push of a button. With no rotation necessary, no shifting of the shooters hand needed, this is the fastest safety selector to engage and dis-engage on the market. In stock and available today for only $39.95 only at Ground Zero Precision.

  • Push Button Safety Design
  • Ambidextrous Operation
  • Extremely Fast On-Off
  • Precision Machined From Gun Quality Tool Steel
  • Durable Black Oxide Finish
  • Compatible With All Mil-Spec Receivers
  • Includes Detent
  • Designed and Manufactured in the United States
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Click here to read more about Elftmann Tactical.

Click here to read Frequently Asked Questions about Elftman Tactical Triggers and Accessories.

Click here to read Elftmann Tactical Customer Testimonials

See a sneak peak video of the Elftmann Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous AR Speed Safety by here:

Product Photos:

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

ELFTMANN Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety

Elftmann Tactical Push Button Ambidextrous Speed Safety


Rise Armament Black Fallout RA-140 SST Drop-In AR Upgrade Trigger Announcement

Rise Armament is staffed by extremely talented machinists, engineers, executives. Hog hunters, target shooters, coyote killers and U. S. Military veterans so there's no wonder why we at Ground Zero Precision get along with them so well. All of them are patriots—Americans to the core. God-fearing, country-loving, down-to-earth folks who take pride in providing TIER 1 products to their fellow countrymen. They work hard, they play hard and it's very obvious that their values run deep.

Rise Armament's roots are in manufacturing—machining and fabricating for the oil and aerospace industries.
In the past, they would shoot and build a few guns when they got the chance. Now, they still shoot, but they also build LOTS of TIER 1 guns, parts and accessories.

Rise Armament's team is top notch, committed to quality and success and you can see their commitment in the weapons and components they produce. We at Ground Zero Precision have complete confidence in their dedication to producing top quality AR components and to the firearms industry.

We are proud to announce the latest of many great products from Rise Armament; the Black Fallout RA-140 drop-in precision AR trigger!

Rise Armament's "Black Fallout" RA-140 precision drop-in AR trigger is a high-performing, easy to install, easy to maintain, single-stage, cost-effective AR rifle/pistol upgrade. A perfect replacement for gritty, heavy mil-spec AR triggers. Precision CNC machined in the United States from high-grade tool steel and aerospace grade aluminum according to strict AS9100 Aerospace requirements. The Black Fallout features a curved and rounded trigger for shooter comfort, a "glass break" clean break and very short reset. 
The self-contained design of the Black Fallout RA-140 makes it easy to install without the need for a gunsmith and with no fine-tuning needed. A great trigger is one of the best upgrades you can do to your AR style rifle or pistol and the Rise Armament Black Fallout RA-140 is by far the best value drop-in upgrade trigger on the market today.
  • Single-stage trigger system
  • 4-lb. pull weight (non-adjustable)
  • Clean break with a short reset
  • Housing - Black 8625 hardcoat anodized aluminum cassette
  • Comfortable rounded, trigger
  • Self-contained design makes it easy and quick to install with no fine-tuning needed
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States by Rise Armament according to strict AS9100 aerospace requirements, which are (much) more stringent than standard gun manufacturing requirements
  • Precision CNC machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum
  • Fits .223 / 5.56, 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, .308 and most other AR style platforms
  • Self-contained design makes it easy and quick to install with no fine-tuning needed
  • Anti-rotation pins recommended

Want to know what separates Rise Armament from everyone else out there? Check out this interview by The Shooter's Mindset of my friend; Rise Armament's President Chris Barger: 


Next Level Armament NLX Scythe Ambi Charging Handle for Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22

Ground Zero Precision is honored to be the first to introduce the first true ambidextrous charging handle for the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 by Next Level Armament. Precision CNC machined from a single billet blank of 7075 aluminum and finished in a durable hard coat black anodize the NLX M&P 15-22 ambi charging handle features two over-sized “ears” that provide a greater surface area to grab and greater weapon control, gloved or un-gloved, even in the harshest of conditions.

  • Precision machined from Aerospace Grade 7075 T-6 Aluminum
  • Hard Coat Anodized - Black
  • Large more aggressive arms for scope clearance and cold weather shooting with gloves
  • Fewer moving parts for years of reliable, failure free service
  • Manufactured in the USA by Next Level Armament

Review of the Next Level Armament NLX Scythe Ambi Charging Handle for M&P 15-22: