Rise Armament Black Fallout RA-140 SST Drop-In AR Upgrade Trigger Announcement

Rise Armament is staffed by extremely talented machinists, engineers, executives. Hog hunters, target shooters, coyote killers and U. S. Military veterans so there's no wonder why we at Ground Zero Precision get along with them so well. All of them are patriots—Americans to the core. God-fearing, country-loving, down-to-earth folks who take pride in providing TIER 1 products to their fellow countrymen. They work hard, they play hard and it's very obvious that their values run deep.

Rise Armament's roots are in manufacturing—machining and fabricating for the oil and aerospace industries.
In the past, they would shoot and build a few guns when they got the chance. Now, they still shoot, but they also build LOTS of TIER 1 guns, parts and accessories.

Rise Armament's team is top notch, committed to quality and success and you can see their commitment in the weapons and components they produce. We at Ground Zero Precision have complete confidence in their dedication to producing top quality AR components and to the firearms industry.

We are proud to announce the latest of many great products from Rise Armament; the Black Fallout RA-140 drop-in precision AR trigger!

Rise Armament's "Black Fallout" RA-140 precision drop-in AR trigger is a high-performing, easy to install, easy to maintain, single-stage, cost-effective AR rifle/pistol upgrade. A perfect replacement for gritty, heavy mil-spec AR triggers. Precision CNC machined in the United States from high-grade tool steel and aerospace grade aluminum according to strict AS9100 Aerospace requirements. The Black Fallout features a curved and rounded trigger for shooter comfort, a "glass break" clean break and very short reset. 
The self-contained design of the Black Fallout RA-140 makes it easy to install without the need for a gunsmith and with no fine-tuning needed. A great trigger is one of the best upgrades you can do to your AR style rifle or pistol and the Rise Armament Black Fallout RA-140 is by far the best value drop-in upgrade trigger on the market today.
  • Single-stage trigger system
  • 4-lb. pull weight (non-adjustable)
  • Clean break with a short reset
  • Housing - Black 8625 hardcoat anodized aluminum cassette
  • Comfortable rounded, trigger
  • Self-contained design makes it easy and quick to install with no fine-tuning needed
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States by Rise Armament according to strict AS9100 aerospace requirements, which are (much) more stringent than standard gun manufacturing requirements
  • Precision CNC machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum
  • Fits .223 / 5.56, 300 Blackout, 6.8 SPC, .308 and most other AR style platforms
  • Self-contained design makes it easy and quick to install with no fine-tuning needed
  • Anti-rotation pins recommended

Want to know what separates Rise Armament from everyone else out there? Check out this interview by The Shooter's Mindset of my friend; Rise Armament's President Chris Barger: