Introducing the GZP Field & Range Cover by Texas Tactical Hats Posted on 28 Jul 06:59 , 0 comments

Ground Zero Precision Field & Range Cover by Texas Tactical HatsWhy did it take us so long to release a cap? We've been wanting to offer our customers a great looking well made hat for years but if we were going to put our logo on it we had a few demands that we would not waiver from which made the hunt for a supplier a little tougher than just popping onto the internet and ordering hats. Our number one demand was that it could not be made in some third world sweatshop country; it had to be made in America with our preference being in our beloved Texas. Second, it had to be comfortable; it had to have a well functioning non-allergenic sweat band, had to be easily adjustable and could not have one of those damn useless head bruising top buttons. Third, it had to be manufactured by a company that supports the firearms industry as well as the shooting community as a whole. We found the cap that meets all of our demands and then some at Texas Tactical Hats.

The great guys at Texas Tactical Hats still believe that Made in America means something. To them, it means producing exceptional quality products and good paying jobs for Americans. Like us, the guys at Texas Tactical Hats are extremely proud of our great state, and as a result they try to produce their products right here in Texas and those that they can't they source them from American manufacturers and suppliers.

Texas Tactical was founded and is operated as a way of giving back to the shooting and tactical communities. They accomplish this by not only by making a unique product for those that are proud to call themselves Americans, but also by supporting charities and organizations that benefit our military, law enforcement and first responders. This is their way of saying thank you to the men and women who put it all on the line for us every day, no matter where they are from or where they call home.

The entire staff of Texas Tactical Hats is driven to provide quality goods and services and it is evident in everything they do. At Texas Tactical Hats the customer is the most important part of the product so if you are not happy, then neither are they. Just as we Texans are world famous for never giving up, Texas Tactical Hats will address any complaint or suggestion you may have with their products and they will not quit until they make it right with you.

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