Elftmann ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock - The Lightest All Metal Stock On The Market! Posted on 19 Feb 07:53 , 0 comments

Elftmann ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock

Long famous for their triggers, Elftmann Tactical has just shown that they are more than a one trick pony.  The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is the lightest all metal adjustable stock in production, weighing in at a mere 5.2 ounces.

Innovative features include ease of adjustment over the entire length of the buffer tube and silent operation – no clicking into detent holes, a simple turn of the knob allows full adjustment and when tightened, it is rock solid with absolutely no rattle.

The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is constructed from a proprietary aerospace grade aluminum alloy allowing it to be the absolute lightest fully adjustable, all metal constructed stock currently on the market today. Lighter than even the polymer stocks that are currently on the market; it's so light that when holding the unmounted stock in hand It feels like it weighs almost nothing.

Using a patented and easy to adjust knob locking system, Elftmann Tactical built an almost limitless range of adjustability into this stock. Without the need to click into detent holes on the buffer tube to allow for the change in position to different lengths, The ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock allows quick, easy and absolute silent adjustment.

The innovative way that the ELF Ultralight Aluminum Stock is attached to the buffer tube allows for a wider range of adjustment than a standard six position stock and can be locked in all the way into the castle nut becoming the shortest possible stock using a standard mil-spec buffer tube or it can be locked at the very end of the buffer tube giving the shooter a very long stock.

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