JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) Posted on 18 Oct 02:28 , 0 comments

JP Releases Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS)


We've been running JP Captured Spring buffer systems in our suppressed rifles for years now; proudly showing off our substantially lessened cyclical operation noise while running magazine after magazine of 220 grain "Bacon Bulldozers" silently down range; perfectly timed with the perfect velocity to send even the biggest boar immediately through the gates of Paradise and into the awaiting arms, er, whatever is left, of those new arrivals seeking their much promised virgins.

There have been many times after a long day of shooting that we've sat around the fire talking about our JP inserts and without knocking them at all wondered how they could be made even better. Well, It seems that last question was better left up to the engineers at JP because their newely released Variable Mass Operating System (VMOS) is going to open a whole brand spankin new can of variability worms for us all to play with.

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