Stainless Crush Washer for 5/8" Threaded Rifle Barrels (Pack of 5)

$ 10.00

Ground Zero Precision

These precision machined stainless steel washer allow for the exact alignment of flash hiders, compensators, brakes and other muzzle accessories that require a washer. Fits barrels with 5/8" threaded muzzles.

Simply use between the end of the barrel and your muzzle device.  The crush washer will allow a  full revolution of your muzzle device after contact with barrel allowing you to precisely align the muzzle device with your barrel. These crush washers are made in the USA of the high quality stainless steel and have a natural stainless finish. 

  • Use to mount and precisely align compensators, brakes and flash hiders.
  • Simply place on your barrel and thread on your compensator, brake or flash hider then torque to 15-20 ft-lbs, Index or align the muzzle device as you torque.
  • Precision CNC machined to MIL-SPEC
  • Machined from high quality stainless steel
  • Natural stainless steel finish
  • 5/8+" (.625"/1.59cm) Inner Diameter
  • 13/16" (.813"/2.06cm) Outer Diameter