AR-15 Builder's Essential Tool Set

$ 65.18

Ground Zero Precision

 The Ground Zero Precision AR-15 Builder's Essential Tool Set includes all of the basic tools needed to assemble, maintain and modify your AR-15. Add this tool set to your bench and you'll be assembling like a pro in no time! 

This AR-15 Builder's Essential Tool Kit Includes The Following:

  • Ground Zero Precision's Fourth Generation Enhanced Armorer's Wrench is a must have component for your AR builder's toolkit. Forged from high quality steel and precision machine finished, our Armorer's Wrench provides a wide combination of the most common tools needed for AR and variant building, upgrading and adjustment. Whether you're a new weapon builder or experienced gunsmith you'll appreciate the mix of AR specific tools combined in this simple, durable and light weight tool.  easily and safely securing your weapon's buffer tube and a perfectly sized wrench for precision tightening and alignment of your flash hider. 
    • Forged High Strength Steel Construction
    • Castle Nut Spanner Wrench
    • Stock Wrench
    • Flash Hider Installation and Adjustment Tool (two different sizes)
    • "Old" and "New" Barrel Nut Wrenches
    • Torque Wrench Cut Out
    • 30mm Wrench
    • Beverage Opener
    • Pry Surface
    • Durable Black Matte Finish
    • High Strength
  • Trinity Force AR-15 / AR-10 Upper Receiver Vise BlockThe Trinity Force Upper Vise Block is designed for use with AR style upper receivers when tightening barrel nuts to the proper specifications, and attaching or removing a muzzle device. The block is made from solvent resistant black polymer, and the clamp is compatible with A3 flat top receivers as well as some AR 10 and AR 308 receivers.
    • High Density Polymer
    • Weight: 14.2 oz
    • Color - Black
  • Ground Zero Precision AR-15 Lower Receiver Vise Block - This heavy duty vise block is designed to firmly hold your AR15 / M16 lower receiver in a vise for assembly, cleaning or other work without scratching, twisting or distortion. A must have tool for any AR builder's workbench. Simply clamp the bottom end of this block into your bench vise and tighten then Insert place your lower receiver's mag well onto the block. Your magazine catch will lock to the block and hold your firmly in place for assembly, dis-assembly, cleaning, or repair.

    This block is designed to fit tightly in MOST receivers. You may need to do a little light filing on this block to make it perfectly fit your specific lower receiver.

  • Ground Zero Precision 4 Piece Hardened Steel Armorer's Punch Pin Tool Set - 

    This 4 Piece tool set serves as a punch to install or remove pins in a firearm to allow for modifications and for completing installations.The special pin starter nose design allows positive alignment of the punch and roll pin for ease of installation and the prevention of damage.

    • Constructed of Hardened High Carbon Tool Steel
    • Includes 4 Punch Pin Tools in the following sizes: 7/32",3/16",5/32",1/8"

Recommended tools that are NOT included with this tool kit:

  • Bench Vise
  • Torque Wrench
  • Small Rubber Mallet
  • Small Brass Hammer
  • Basic Screwdriver Set
  • Basic Allen (Hex) Wrench Set
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