AR-15 Replacement and Upgrade Triggers

The #1 Most Important And Most Rewarding Upgrade You Can Give Your New AR-15

So you've bought yourself a brand new black rifle! Congratulations! You are now among the owners of the finest and most versatile modern weapons platform on Earth.

Whether you've had your rifle for years, just bought it or just built it, ideas for upgrades or adaptation are never far from the mind. Because of the versatility, adaptability and the literally thousands of upgrade parts and components on the market today we rarely meet an AR owner who does not have at least one upgrade in mind that given the option or the right situation he or she would like to make to their rifle.

So, you now have a beautiful, state-of-the-art weapons platform but you have just a little more thinking to do that you may not be aware of.


  1. Drop your mag
  2. Clear your weapon
  3. Double check that it is cleared
  4. Point it in a safe direction
  5. Click it off of safe
  6. Carefully and slowly pull the trigger.

You feel that? "Grit", "Grimy", "Sandpaper" are just a few of the words flooding the internet describing what you just felt. In a nutshell, you have a $1,000+ investment and the single component giving you the most conductive or hepatic feedback is a heavy pull, mass produced, funky $10.00 "mil spec" trigger.

The fact is the AR-15 market has been riding a 7+ year high in demand and the growth in the industry driven by this demand has brought on a disturbing trend in AR-15 build theory from a manufacturer standpoint. Where most high-end manufacturers use top-shelf, state-of-the-art and high visibility parts to build most of weapon, they completely cheap out on the trigger. Why? Just about every manufacturer we've talked to admits that the trigger is one of the very first components replaced or "upgraded" by their customers. So, instead of building the weapon and trigger as a system designed for comfortable, reliable performance and high accuracy most manufacturers opt to use a "mil-spec" trigger to save on costs knowing full well that the buyer is going to yank it, throw it in a drawer in their tool box and drop in one of the works of art offered here. We can't do much to change how the manufacturers do business but we can help you get the most out of your rifle. 

Every single trigger offered on this page was selected specifically for their high value, low maintenance and proven reliability.You will not be disappointed with any one of them.