AR-15 DIY Upper Receiver Kits

Not many things are quite as satisfying as hand assembling your own AR15 upper receiver. Knowing that there are no metal burrs in the barrel's gas port. Knowing the gas block is installed straight and situated perfectly over the gas port. Knowing the gas tube is pinned correctly, that the barrel nut is torqued correctly...

Even the little things that matter like the dust cover pin installed in the right direction and that its c-clip was not forgotten.

Knowing all of these things because you personally checked all of them yourself as you hand assembled each and every aspect.

It is our love of that satisfying feeling that makes us want to share it with you and what better way to do it than by putting all of the parts you'll need into one nice, neat, high quality, low priced package and shipping it to your door for free?

Enter Ground Zero Precision's newest addition to our already vast line of products: The complete Do-It-Yourself upper receiver build kit. And by complete we mean complete. The only thing you have add is handguard/rail you want to use and your own talent for getting things done and done right. Why do we call it complete without including a handguard/rail? Because it is complete. While we love and highly recommend our own Tac-Hunter Free-Float rail we've been around long enough to know that everyone has their own rail preference and who are we to tell you you're wrong. By allowing you to make your own handguard/rail decision we're able to keep the kit's cost affordable for everyone.

Of course if you decide you want to trust our recommendation and add a Tac-Hunter Free-Float handguard you can easily add it here and we'll happily send it to you along with everything else.