Ballistic Advantage - Accuracy Guaranteed

When you start trouble shooting it's important to go at it with an open mind. You want to consider all parts to ensure the potential problem isn’t accidentally overlooked. It’s important to keep in mind the potential for tolerance stack-up. It is possible for all parts to be within proper specifications but when stacked together, the whole unit is out of tolerance (due to some parts falling within tolerance minimums and others within tolerance maximums). For this reason we recommend a certified armorer or gunsmith confirm the completed unit is within proper/safe tolerance. At BA we strive to hold extremely consistent, optimum dimensions to avoid any tolerance stack-up issues.

Cycling Issues

  • Visually inspect parts for debris
    • Chamber
    • Bore
    • Bolt Face
    • Upper Receiver
    • Lower Receiver
    • Magazine
  • Confirm gas tube is installed correctly and not bleeding at the gas block (some leakage is normal).
  • Confirm gas tube is properly aligned and not binding on the barrel nut, upper receiver, or gas key.
  • Confirm gas is not leaking significantly from around the gas block journal (some leakage is normal).
  • Confirm gas block is properly installed over the gas port hole in the barrel.
  • Confirm hammer and trigger pins are not broken or walking out of the lower receiver.
  • Confirm buffer is not binding in the Buffer Tube.
  • Confirm charge handle is not bent or binding.
  • Confirm BCG isn’t dragging in the upper receiver or charge handle channel.
  • Test fire with multiple mags to ensure it’s not a mag problem.
  • Test fire with multiple factory loads to eliminate ammunition issues.

Accuracy Issues

  • Group your rifle with multiple ammunition loads.
  • Test fire with the muzzle device removed.
  • Confirm barrel nut is properly torqued.
  • Confirm Scope and rings are tight and properly installed.
  • Confirm consistent body position and trigger pull.
  • Confirm stability of rifle rest.



Guaranteed to Perform

Ballistic Advantage is committed to providing products that meet, or exceed, the expectations the most discerning of shooters and solidly stand behind that commitment. From the moment you unwrap your new Ballistic Advantage barrel, as you configure it with your receivers and handguards, and as you fire it on the range or in the field, we want you to experience the unique elegance and uncompromising quality that we craft into every one of our barrels.

We also stand behind our commitment to performance. EVERY SINGLE Ballistic Advantage barrel is guaranteed to give sub Minute of Angle (MOA) accuracy with match grade ammunition.(1)

If you are not completely satisfied with the form, finish, and fit of any Ballistic Advantage barrel, please call one of the highly knowledgeable Ballistic Advantage customer service reps at 407-739-7664 to discuss your concerns. If you find your BA barrel is not performing at the high standard of sub MOA accuracy, please first consult and follow completely the suggestions provided in the "Troubleshooting Guide" above . If you need further assistance give us a call at 407-739-7664. Typically Ballistic Advantage's armorers are able to resolve any issues over the phone. If your issue cannot be resolved by phone you WILL be asked to send the barrel to Ballistic Advantage for inspection (2). Ballistic Advantage will either correct the problem, replace the barrel, or if the customer prefers, will reimburse the purchase price of the barrel.

(1) We define sub MOA as a group size of 1 inch or under at 100 yards with a 3 shot magazine fed group, or 5 shot single loaded group.

(2) You, the customer shall be responsible for the initial return shipping costs of the barrel. If any defects are found, Ballistic Advantage will reimburse the shipping costs and either replace or refund the original purchase price of the barrel.