Interested in Becoming a Ground Zero Precision Authorized Dealer?

If you are interested in becoming a Ground Zero Precision Authorized Dealer, please complete application below. Please note that all fields marked with an (*) are required to be completed and incomplete applications or applications found to have bogus information entered into those required fields WILL NOT be considered for inclusion in the Authorized Dealer Program.

We take pride in our industry and in the outstanding service we provide to our customers. We love working with others who have dedicated themselves to this wonderful industry and to providing a much higher level of service to their customers. We are very selective when it comes to who we allow to represent our brand and we DO research every applicant for our Authorized Dealer Program. We DO NOT approve every single application. We WILL NOT approve applications submitted by applicants we feel do not live up to the high standards of ethics and service that we've set for ourselves and expect from our Authorized Dealers. If you feel that you or your company fit the mold we've cast of high level customer service, never EVER price gouging and dedication to the health of our industry we very much look forward to working with you.


  • Applicants must be actively engaged in the retail business of firearms, firearm components, firearm education and/or the advancement and promotion of such items.
  • Applicants must have a valid Tax ID Number.
  • A FFL is required and must be submitted for ANY applicant wanting to purchase firearms and serial numbered firearm receivers. We do not sell any firearms or serial numbered firearm receivers that fall within the requirements for Curios and Relics so we will not accept Class 3 FFL as a valid license for any firearms or serial numbered firearm receivers we sell.
  • Applicants must "Affirm" that they and/or their company are dedicated to the improvement of their customer's experience and to the overall health and promotion of the firearm industry.
  • Applicants must "Affirm" that they and/or their company WILL NEVER engage in the practice of "price gouging" or for any reason. 

Thank you for interest in Ground Zero Precision - we look forward to being a prosperous part of your business!








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