Elftmann Tactical Testimonials


Johnny Pegues

I am writing this personal testimonial about the Elftmann Tactical AR-15 Drop-In trigger.

I’m retired Chief Gunners Mate Johnny Peques. I have served in the US Navy for 24 years as a weapons technician, weapons/tactical instructor and have trained military personnel in multiple firearms and weapon systems. I am also a Navy Special Warfare Armorer, which means I am trained on special weapon systems and to make modifications to weapons.

I believed this trigger system was developed to increase shooters capabilities. I found it to be five pound trigger right out of the package which is outstanding, but what makes it even more amazing is with a simple Allen wrench the trigger pull can be adjusted with half a turn. I tested this with a digital trigger pull system and with weights.  I have used and tested other drop in triggers that either claim you can adjust them or they are set at a specific weight and they do not compare. I have tested the trigger pull weight at 5, 4, 3 pounds and it was again OUTSTANDING and the trigger reset was incredible at all stages.  With the quick reset of the trigger it allows an increase in firing because standard triggers are seven pounds and slack in the trigger and the reset is long.  I brought it down to three pounds and pulled the trigger very fast which made the gun sound almost like an automatic weapon.

This is by far the best drop in trigger system that has been seen to date. I look forward to seeing other great devices this company will develop.

                       Gunners Mates Chief (SW/AW/EXW)  Johnny Pegues Retired

Johnny Peques - Elftmann Tactical Testimonial