M4 / A2 Style Carbine Length Hand Guard Kit

$ 49.94

Want to keep or add the classic military look and feel of your AR-15 rifle or pistol project without breaking the bank? Realize that not every AR needs a fancy free-float hand guard and rails? Looking for a basic self defense carbine? 

Then this kit is for you. Including everything needed to securely mount your barrel to your receiver and comfortably carry your rifle with light-weight, battle proven and durable hand guards.

This complete Mil-Spec A2 Carbine Hand Guard kit includes all of the following:

  • 7" Carbine Length A2 Style Hand Guard with Aluminum Heat Shielding
  • A2 Style Delta Ring (Assembled)
  • A2 Style Barrel Nut (Assembled)
  • A2 Style Weldon Spring (Assembled)
  • A2 Style Snap Ring (Assembled)
  • A2 Style Hand Guard Cap (Round)
  • Proudly Made in the United States to U. S. Military Specifications