16.5" Vapor X Keymod Free-Float Handguard for DPMS Profile (High) AR .308 - FDE

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Trinity Force Vapor X 308 Free Float Rail

The Vapor X 308 Keymod Free Float Rail was designed to maximize ergonomics and comfort. The asymmetric profile along the rail axis offers the best possible heat dissipation while still maximizing weight savings. Unlike many other ultralight rail systems on the market, the oversize cutouts and KeyMod placement allows for an exceptionally lightweight AR-308 system, which turns the weapon platform into a very manageable package.

  • Cerakote Finish - Magpul Flat Dark Earth (H-267Q)
  • Includes two 3.25" 5 slot KEYMOD rail sections - Hard Coat Anodized (Black)

FREELOK Clamping System  US. PAT. NO. 9,389,043 B1
The Vapor X 308 Rail features a non-indexing barrel nut and clamping system (FREELOK) that utilizes free floating tabs to secure the rail to the receiver. FREELOK provides both frictional and mechanical locking forces to create a rock-solid bond between the rail and barrel nut.

NOTE: This rail system is designed to be compatible with the HIGH PROFILE Aero Precision 308 upper receiver and other upper receivers built to the DPMS high profile specification. It will not mount flush with DPMS pattern low profile upper receivers.

For your safety, we recommend this part be installed by a competent, qualified gunsmith/installer with an understanding of the weapon platform that the part is being installed on. Always make sure the firearm is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction when working.