Dead Bolt 9MM PCC Blowback Full-Mass Premium AR-15 / M16 Bolt Carrier Group - Nitride

$ 139.93

Ground Zero PrecisionWe are proud to offer our latest caliber in our popular Dead Bolt line of AR-15 Bolt Carrier Groups! There's a ton of bolt carrier groups on the market but very few that meet our exacting standards for performance and value. We saw the current offerings as our starting point and set out to ensure that our Dead Bolt 9mm Bolt Carrier Groups are the best available at the best value for our demanding customers. 

Our improvements include cuts to ensure compatibility with both Glock™ and Colt™ style lower receivers and magazines, insured that our gas key and hardware exceeded existing specs and added full-auto compatibility for use with registered full-auto lowers and the new binary-style trigger systems. 


Carrier & Integrated Key:

  • Compatibility: GLOCK™ & COLT™ - Style Lower Receivers & Magazines
  • Carrier: MIL-SPEC 8620 Steel Material, Finish Inside & Outside: Salt Bath QPQ Nitride
  • Gas Key: 8620 Steel, Finish: Salt Bath QPQ Nitride
  • Fully Heat Treated
  • M16 (FULL-AUTO) Compatible
  • Weight: 15.4 Ounces

Tech Note - 9mm Blowback Pistol Caliber Carbines typically require the use of a heavy-style buffer. Please insure you are using a heavy enough buffer for maximum reliability and safety.  

Note - Bolt carriers ordered and deployed with barrels not specifically checked by Ground Zero Precision for headspacing MUST be checked to ensure safe and reliable function. Ground Zero Precision recommends Pacific Tool & Gauge headspace kits for all measurements. For detailed instructions on headspacing, see our blog post for instructions. 

 *GLOCK™ and COLT™ names are property of the respective companies.