Stainless Steel AR15 A2 Flash Hider and Armageddon Tactical Crush Washer Combo - 1/2 X 28

$ 24.49

Ground Zero Precision Stainless A2 Flash Hider 1/2 x 28Stainless Steel A2 "Bird Cage" Style Flash Hider for 1/2" X 28 Threaded Barrels.

Ground Zero Precision's Stainless Steel A2 "Bird Cage" Flash Hider is manufactured by one of the largest manufacturing contractors for the United States Armed Forces and is identical in in design to the standard issue muzzle device found on most M4 / M-16 rifles and most AR-15 rifles. This A2 Flash Hider is solid Stainless Steel and can be polished by the user to whatever brightness or shine desired.

Comes with an Armageddon Tactical 17-4 PH Stainless Crush Washer - New design features an interior groove to allow the washer to collapse and deliver consistent torque throughout the full range of movement. This model is machined from 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and is shipped with a machined finish (no plating). Designed to provide 1 full turn after contact when used on barrels with ½-28 threads. Use to align your muzzle devices without applying excessive torque to the barrel threads as is common with conventional crush washers. Provided torque is approximately 15 lb-ft. Do not reuse - remove and replace. Crush washers install with the angled side against the barrel and the flat side against the muzzle device.