Mil-Spec AR-15 Carbine Buffer Tube - BLEMISHED

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These Blemished Ground Zero Precision 7075 T7 aluminum receiver extension buffer tubes accept an M4-style adjustable carbine buttstock. Six precision-machined notches on the underside provide plenty of options for setting length-of-pull. Perfect for a custom build, installing a mil-spec stock on a civilian carbine, or updating a fixed-stock rifle with an adjustable M4 stock. Machined from aircraft grade lightweight aluminum extrusion then hardcoat anodized, and dry film lube-coated inside for smooth movement of the buffer and buffer spring. Requires carbine recoil spring and buffer, lock ring, and receiver plate, all available separately.

Blemished Mil-Spec Carbine Buffer Tube may have light mars,scratches or defects in finish but are otherwise fully functional.

  • Manufactured to U. S. Mil-Spec
  • Precision Machined 7075 T-7 Aluminum
  • Multi-Caliber Capable
  • Hard Coat Anodize Type III Class II
  • Matte Black Finish

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