A2 Style AR-15 Removable Carry Handle With Rear Sight - REJECT/OUT OF SPEC

$ 15.00

OUT OF SPEC - These A2 style AR-15 removable carry handles with rear sight are parts we received from one of our manufacturers that did not meet our specifications for release under our brand. Because they are functional as designed and could be of use we decided to offer them to you here as they are taking up space in our warehouse. They are specifically out of spec with fittment on some upper receivers (loose front to rear, easily fixed with shims) and in construction (cast as opposed to forged). 

This item is sold on an as-is basis and no returns will be accepted.

This standard height A2 style carry handle is perfect for your flat top AR15, M16A4, M4, M4A1 rifle or carbines. Integrates the convenience of a carry handle with a primary or back-up rear sighting system. Features a full length picatinny clamping bar with large, easy to grasp even when gloved thumb and finger nuts for quick, tool-less installation and removal. Locks in tightly to your flat top upper receiver for instant return to zero. 

  • Compatible with taller F marked front sight bases
  • Cast Aluminum
  • Hard Coat Anodized Black
  • Fits all flat top AR Rifles and Carbines
  • Full length clamping bar for tight installation and instant return to zero
  • Easy to grasp thumb nuts allow quick tool-less installation and removal
  • Staked thumb screws
  • A2 Apeture with 6/3 Windage Drums