Next Level Armament NLX556 Elite XI

$ 1,485.00

The ubiquitous 5.56 rifle is as American as apple pie and George Washington, and no American weapon manufacturer would be complete without it. The NLX-5.56 is Next Level Armament’s upgraded version of the 5.56 rifle build. Its receivers are machined from 7075 aluminum forgings, and hard coated to three different colors. A nickel boron bolt carrier group, and your choice of currently three different designs of flash suppressor, as well as an option to add a Geisselle 3-gun competition trigger, gives you customizable choices that each carry the manufacturer’s guarantee against defects. Whether you’re using it for sporting, hunting, or defense, the NLX-5.56 is a rifle that you can rely on. The following components are stock with the 5.56 rifle, and packaged in your custom made crate:
  • LBE 16 M4 Barrel
  • Midwest G2ss Handguard
  • LBE Buffer Assy
  • Magpul Grip-Miad 1.1
  • Magpul Butt stock CTR
  • Magazine Magpul G3 30 Round
  • Front and Rear Sights-G2MBUS Magpul
  • Gas Tube LBE