Customizable Nitride Enhanced Mil-Spec AR-15 Lower Parts Kit - No Grip or Fire Control Group

$ 42.95

This Nitride Enhanced lower parts kit is manufactured in the United States by a major military/NASA contractor and contains internal parts you need to build or rebuild your small pin AR15 lower receiver. This basic kit does not include a pistol grip or fire control group (trigger, hammer, trigger spring, hammer spring, dis-connector, dis-connector spring, trigger pin & hammer pin). Every single kit is hand checked for completeness and component quality before it leaves our facility. 

Fits all standard Mil-Spec AR15 lower receivers

This kit includes all of the following:

  • Flat Mil-Spec Trigger Guard
  • Steel Trigger Guard Roll Pin/Coil
  • Steel Takedown Pin - Nitride Finish
  • Steel Pivot Pin - Nitride Finish
  • Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent X2
  • Takedown/Pivot Pin Detent Spring X2
  • Steel Selector/Safety Switch - Nitride Finish
  • Selector/Safety Detent
  • Selector/Safety Detent Spring
  • Buffer Retaining Detent - Nitride Finish
  • Buffer Retaining Detent Spring
  • Steel Bolt Release - Nitride Finish
  • Steel Bolt Release Plunger - Nitride Finish
  • Bolt Release Plunger Spring
  • Steel Bolt Release Roll Pin/Coil
  • Steel Magazine Catch - Nitride Finish
  • Magazine Catch Spring
  • Steel Magazine Release Button - Nitride Finish