Black Dirt Rifleworks™ Switchblade GII Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle

$ 55.00

Black Dirt Rifleworks

The Switchblade GII Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle by Black Dirt Rifleworks is a perfect upgrade to your existing rifle or for your next build. Starting from a single billet 7075 blank, the Switchblade GII is precision machined and finished for a perfect fit with all mil-spec and most billet AR15 upper receivers on the market today. For greater weapon control, the Switchblade GII features two oversized and skeletonized "ears" that are deep textured to give you a large, slip free grasping surface with either hand, gloved or un-gloved.

The large aggressively textured "ears" of the Switchblade GII allows for easy weapon charging and manipulation under mounted optics and for non-slip cold weather shooting with gloves.


  • Precision machined from 7075 aluminum blank
  • Large aggressively textured "ears" for scope clearance and cold weather shooting with gloves
  • Lightweight skeletonized design
  • True ambidextrous action
  • Finish: Anodized - Black
  • Made in Trenton Texas by Black Dirt Rifleworks