Ground Zero Precision .308 AR10 Firing Pin Retaining Pin - Standard

$ 5.49

Ground Zero Precision

We carry a lot of small replacement and upgrade parts that keep your AR system in tip top condition and functioning flawlessly. When you need a quality .308 firing pin retaining pin as a replacement or for your next build this high quality .308 AR10 pin is the perfect choice.

This is a standard firing pin retaining pin for the AR10 (not compatible with an AR15). These are high quality pins designed specifically to be the perfect replacement for your broken, worn out or lost factory pin. It's never a bad idea to have a few on hand for back-up in case you accidentally damage or lose one.


  • Made from firearm quality spring steel
  • Heat treated specifically for use in firearms
  • Durable phosphate finish


The Ground Zero Precision Firing Pin Retaining Pin is designed specifically for use in firearms. NEVER use an ordinary cotter pin that has not been specifically designed for the safe operation of a firearm. Doing so may result in injury to yourself and others or damage to your firearm.