M4 / A2 Delta Ring Barrel Nut and Hand Guard End Cap Set - PULL OFF

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New condition pull off parts

Want to be able to mount M4 / A2 and variant style drop-in hand guards to your AR-15 rifle or pistol project without breaking the bank? Realize that not every AR needs a fancy free-float hand guard and rails? Looking for a basic self defense carbine? 

Then you're going to need a Delta Ring Barrel Nut and Hand Guard End Cap. These components have everything needed to securely mount your barrel to your receiver and mount the A2 style hand guards of your choice (hand guards are not included with this set. If you need hand guards also this one is what you're looking for).

This complete Mil-Spec M4 / A2 Delta Ring Barrel Nut & End Cap Kit includes all of the following:

  • M4 / A2 Style Delta Ring (Assembled)
  • M4 / A2 Style Barrel Nut (Assembled)
  • M4 / A2 Style Weldon Spring (Assembled)
  • M4 / A2 Style Snap Ring (Assembled)
  • M4 / A2 Style Hand Guard Cap (Round)