Next Level Armament Ambidextrous Charging Handle for SIG MPX - BATCH #3 PRE-SALE

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The standard SIG MPX charging handle has been a common complaint of owners everywhere. The factory option is basically nothing but a slightly modified version of the traditional AR charging handle. Additionally many MPX users report that the amount of play in the receiver track allows the charging handle to tilt during operation marring and scratching the receiver. While to some this is only a cosmetic issue, it is a complaint heard frequently and Next Level Armament has been listening.

Next Level Armament, a company known for making top tier quality and unique AR platform parts and firearms made it their goal to design and manufacture a true ambidextrous charging handle for the MPX that not only addresses the commonly lamented issues of the standard handle, but also looks, functions and feels sexy as Hell and they knocked it out of the park! 

As a two piece kit solution, the Next Level MPX ambidextrous charging handle and replacement spring plate is a very nice upgrade over the factory part offering a larger handle for easier manipulation and true ambidextrous use. The new spring plate completely replaces the factory spring plate and adds an anti-tilt post to keep the charging handle aligned in the track of the upper receiver. This simple yet ingenious solution minimizes the amount of play and tilt in the charging handle travel.

Regardless which hand or method you use to manipulate the charging handle, it just plain works making it the number one absolute must have upgrade for SIG MPX owners the world over.

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