Next Level Armament "Thumper" 450 Bushmaster AR-15 NLX450

$ 1,404.00

Next Level ArmamentWhen you need the absolute best stopping power in your AR-15 the 450 Bushmaster is your solution. With ballistics that mirror a 45-70 you get power while still maintaining usability and part interchange of the platform. Next Level's receivers are machined from pure 7075 Aluminum forgings and everything is hard coated and hand finished. 

Why 450 Bushmaster?

Well, sometimes you just need some Thump. The 450 Bushmaster has evolved as a true big bore hunting and defense round for an ar15. It was built from the ground up to put maximum kinetic energy downrange, and with over 2700ftlb of force it definitely delivers. 

The 450 is uniquely suited to hunting at under 250 yards, beyond that there is significant bullet drop. If you sight your rifle in for 150, you can confidently put 260gr + bullets in a 4.5″ circle.  This makes for an absolutely vicious hog, bear, or deer rifle that will have enough knockdown to stop them in their tracks. 

We love this beast of a round, and think that you will too. Our NLX450 is made to be  the finest out of the box 450 bushmaster solution available.  

450 Bushmaster vs 5.56 NATO

Every NLX450 is built with:

  • Receiver – Next Level Arms Elite AR-15 Matched Upper and lower
  • Barrel – 18″ 1-24 Twist Barrel
  • Muzzle Brake – Unique Next Level Muzzle Brake
  • Bolt Carrier – NLX DLC Bolt Carrier Group
  • Buffer – Springco Extra Power Buffer Spring (Red)
  • Trigger – Buyer's Choice
  • Charging Handle – Next Level Charging Handle

Rifle weighs only 6.5 lbs unloaded.