Precision 100 Yard Zeroing & Certification Targets - 10 Pack

$ 14.49

Ground Zero Precision's 100-yard  Zeroing & Certification Targets use the same grid, layout and measurements as the targets we use in-house for accuracy testing. The only zeroing target on the market that shows .25 MOA adjustment increments and has a second zero verification target on the same sheet. Precision printing on heavy 80 lb card stock ensures accurate measurement while keeping the target in place and less susceptible to shifting due to wind or other environmental conditions. Perfect for initial setup of your rifle's sights or scope, verification of zero or as a tool for accuracy testing. Keep some in your range bag or in your vehicle for quick access to precision targets anywhere you go.

  • Easily view-able  0.25” grid for precise measurement.and adjustment
  • Second zero verification target on same sheet. Verify zero without shifting your rifle!
  • Measurement: 11" x 8.5"
  • Material: Precision printed 80 lb Heavy Card Stock
  • 10 Targets per pack