Quick Precision .223 / 5.56 Rifle Zeroing Kit

$ 35.49

Quick and precise zeroing and adjustment of your rifle's sights or scope couldn't be any easier. Use the precision laser boresighter to quickly align your sights or optic to your rifle's bore. This ensures your rounds will be "on paper" without wasting time or expensive ammunition. Then, carefully align your sights, red dot or optic crosshairs on the center of the left target and fire a round. Make the appropriate adjustments to your sighting device to precisly bring your rifle into absolute zero. Fire again and adjust if necessary. Use the second target on the sheet to verify your zero. 

Just like that. Quick, Simple and Easy. 

Zeroing Kit Includes:

  • Professional .223 Chamber Laser Boresighter
    • Precision CNC Machined to S.A.A.M.I. Specifications
    • Automatically Centers In Your Rifle's Barrel
    • Quick and Easy To Use Addition To Your Range Tool Kit
    • Perfect For Ensuring Your Rifle Is Zeroed
    • In-chamber Alignment For Fast And Accurate Zeroing of Sights and Scopes
    • Powerful Red Laser For Clear Sighting - Wavelength: 645nm, 632nm
    • Works with Iron Sights, Scopes, Holographic Red Dot Sights, and Other Sighting Systems
    • Includes Three LR41 Button Batteries
  • 10 Ground Zero Precision 100 Yard Zeroing & Certification Targets
    • Easily view-able  0.25” grid for precise measurement.and adjustment
    • Second zero verification target on same sheet. Verify zero without shifting your rifle!
    • Measurement: 11" x 8.5"
    • Material: Precision printed 80 lb Heavy Card Stock
    • 10 Targets Included