Rubber City Armory Adjustable Gas Key

$ 49.99

Rubber City Armory

This patent pending adjustable gas key by Rubber City Armory enhances the performance of low mass and standard mass gas impingement systems without unnecessary disassembly of the firearm. Gas flow is easily adjusted and maintained at the carrier with set screws; one to adjust gas flow and one to lock the adjustment setting in place.
  • Precision machined from pre-hardened 4140 steel
  • Heat treated to 28-32RC
  • Radiused corners reducing sharp edges
  • 3 1/8 screws and 2 3/16 set screws and wrench included to make necessary adjustments
  • 2 Grade 8 mounting bolts included


  1. It is highly recommended that this product be installed by a competent gunsmith. To assemble this adjustable gas key to your carrier group you'll need the correct sized hex bit for the carrier key screws, Permatex Form-A-Seal compound (or Red Loctite if preferred), an inch pound torque wrench, a bench vise with padded vise jaws and a compression staking tool.
  2. Prior to assembly, degrease both the key and your carrier using an acetone bath (keep hands properly gloved during this process).
  3. Test fit the key to your carrier ensuring that the fit is tight, wobble free and that the key aligns properly with the center line of your carrier.
  4. Apply a very (VERY!!!) thin layer of Permatex Form-A-Seal compound (or Red Loctite if preferred) to the base of the gas key ensuring that the gas hole is completely free of seal material and allow seal compound to air dry for 1 - 2 minutes.
  5. Install the gas key to your carrier using the provided Grade 8 mounting bolts.
  6. With the carrier firmly held in your bench vise use your inch pound torque wrench to torque the mounting bolts to 30 - 40 inch pounds.
  7. Use compression staking tool to properly stake the key to the mounting bolts as shown below. It is not recommended that the peening method of staking be used with this installation as peening typically breaks the seal between the carrier and key.

Properly Staked Gas Key:

Properly Staked Gas Key