SilencerCo Omega 300 Multi-Purpose Silencer - Full Kit

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 SilencerCo Omega 300 Suppressor


The Omega™ is a combination of all the best features from the SilencerCo .30 caliber centerfire rifle silencer lines in one silencer - shortest, lightest, quietest, most versatile, full auto and magnum rated. It uses titanium, stainless steel, and Stellite™ in tandem for best in class results across the board. In addition to its performance, the Omega’s design allows for maximum user adaptability and convenience. Each Omega comes with both direct thread and fast attach mounts as well as a removable Anchor Brake™ to reduce recoil.

This is an NFA Item. Please contact your FFL/SOT and confirm they will accept this item before placing your order. The wait time for approval to transfer this item to an FFL/SOT dealer is 4 - 8 weeks. Your FFL/SOT will initiate the Form 4 transfer process upon their receipt of your suppressor and you will be required to pay the $200 tax at that time. The current wait time for Form 4 approval (FFL/SOT dealer transfer to customer) is approximately 9 months however as we've seen through the last few years of data these wait times can vary drastically. Plan on waiting at least 9 months. 

Silencerco Omega 300 White Paper

For more information on purchasing a suppressor, check out the SilencerCo education page.

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