Stark Equipment AR Sling Grip With Built In Trigger Guard and Hook Sling Mount

$ 47.95

The Stark AR Sling Grip (SG-HM) is the first and only grip to integrate an ambidextrous sling mount.  The SG-HM AR Sling Grip comes in two versions.  The hook mount includes a loop compatible with most common hook mounts.  The swivel mount allows the attachment of standard push-button sling swivels.  The single point sling adapter is positioned at the upper part of the back strap, located above the hand and below the buffer tube, with a low profile design that stays out of the way of a fully-collapsed M-4 style stock.  There is no longer a need to purchase and assemble expensive sling adapters.  Simply replace the standard grip with a Stark AR Sling Grip for a tactical sling mount. ​The stop at the upper back strap locks the hand in place with the index finger at the same angle to the trigger every time.The grip has on-board storage for CR123 batteries in the bottom plug (AA battery plug sold separately).