Strike Industries 2 Piece Polymer 5 Slot KeyMod Short Rail Section Set - Black

$ 19.95

Strike Industries 5 Slot Keymod Rail SectionStrike Industries introduces it line of Keymod rail accessories for the KeyMod handguard rail product line (MEGA FINS & AK TRAX). For those who want the lightest possible set up, we have a set of two piece standard polymer 5 section rails. Each polymer rail weights 0.4 oz. and can be place anywhere on the KeyMod rail. Our rail sections are made for our products but will work with most other KeyMod system 

Package includes:
- 2 x 5 section rail 

-  Plug-in 1913 rail sections
-  2 Polymer sections for ultra light weight
-  Works with most other KeyMod systems
-  Easy installation and removal