Strike Industries M4 AR-15 Charging Handle

$ 23.49

Strike Industries M4 AR-15 Charging Handle

The new SI ARCH or (AR Charging Handle from Strike Industries) is a T-6 7075 forged hard anodized charging handle that functions with ease. With its high polished surface, its ergonomic design makes for a smooth, clean charge. The quality of the ARCH is second to none, it’s built for durability. Its gas busting ability diverts harmful gases, oil and dirt away from the shooter. Once you place the ARCH on your rifle, you will see, feel, and know the quality of the ARCH!

 NOTE: Our FDE color is the same as Daniel Defense FDE color which is approved by US SOCOM. 

Package includes: 
» 1 X SI ARCH Charging Handle 

» Material T6-7075
» High polish surface for smooth charging
» Forge process
» Hard Anodize
» Built for durability
» Great ergonomic feel