DISCONTINUED - Strike Industries Ultimate Selector Switch (10 Piece Kit)

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The Strike Industries AR-USS-90 Ultimate Selector Switch Kit lets you completely customize the way you run your AR You now have the ability to run your AR selector in the standard or ambidextrous configuration for fast and easy operation.  The precision machined safety bar is made out of heat-treated steel. The selector switches are made from impact resistant nylon reinforced polymer. The kit comes with 10 interchangeable polymer switches ranging from long to short throw switches, with many different profiles. This gives you endless possibilities on how you can sent up and run your AR. Mounting hardware is included. 

Package Includes:

- 1 x Extended Long Push Switch / Length:  1.6”Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
- 1 x Extended Short Push Switch / Length:  1.32”Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
- 1 xHigh Profile Standard Switch / Length: 1.10” Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.24”
- 1 xLow Profile Standard Switch / Length:  1.10”Width: 0.31” Thickness: 0.18”
- 1 xHigh Profile Short Switch / Length: 0.81”Width: 0.31”Thickness: 0.24”
- 1 xLow Profile Short Switch / Length: 0.81”Width: 0.31”Thickness: 0.18”
- 1 xLong Knobbies Switch / Length: 1.10”Width: 0.30”Thickness: 0.26”
- 1 x Medium Knobbies Switch / Length: 1.10”Width: 0.31”Thickness: 0.34”
- 1 x Short Knobbies Switch / Length: 0.85”Width: 0.30”Thickness: 0.26”
- 1 x End Cap / Length: 0.47”Width: 0.46”Thickness: 0.14”

- Ten different polymer switch options
- Machined, heat-treated safety bar
- Completely customizable to your needs
- U Groove inside fluting for high visibility paint
- Extremely light weight
- Round edges for comfort and smooth manipulation. 

*Not intend to use in extreme cold environment. The plastic will become weak.
*Stop use if you notice moving parts or plastic wear. 
*Only use your finger to use slelctor switch, Our selector switch is not rated for hard impact.