Strike Industries Venom AR-15 Muzzle Device 1/2 x 28

$ 42.49

Strike Industries

Own one of the world's most effective flash hiders! The SI VENOM Muzzle Device nearly eliminates 100% of your muzzle rise and quickly disperse the burning gases exploding from the barrel. In return this gives you a faster follow up shots. The four prongs on the end of the brake are designed to protect the muzzle crown and gives this flash hider a one of a kind custom look! This muzzle device will significantly reduce muzzle signature to help preserve your night vision. The SI VENOM requires no modifications to the rifle for installation. Recommended torque is 15-20 ft-lbs.  

» Length:  2.165 in (5.5cm)
» Outer Diameter: .862
» Weight: 3oz
» Materials: Steel
» Color: Black
» Threaded at 1/2"x28 

Package include:
» Venom Muzzle Device
» Crush washer

» Aggressive style with advanced design featuring four prongs with serrated points.
» The SI Venom-FH was engineered to create instant air flow to eliminate gas combustion.
»Long enough to make 14 ½” Barrel 16” w/pre-drilled hole for pin and welding
» Available in .223
» Wire-Cutter Capable